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October 2019 Monthly Update

Empty dinner plate

It’s that time of the month again when I take a quick look back over the previous month. I look at how money I have invested is doing and how productive I have been with my personal goals.

I am still intermittent fasting and completed my first two-day fast this month. It was surprisingly easy, much more than I thought it would be, and on the second day felt truly amazing. This is something I will look to do once every month.

Even with doing intermittent fasting now for over 3 months my weight has stabilised. I have managed to drop 4 kilograms doing my fat belly challenge and now stay consistently around 65-66kg.

My super greens business is growing each month with some amazing feedback from customers coming in. There is no denying it, it’s been a challenging year setting this up and it’s by no means finished.

So, let’s kick off with how my investments have been doing in October 2019.

Investment Portfolio Update

I was keen to take a look at the spread of asset classes that I own in my investment portfolio. Having just watched the quarterly update from the guys over at “Invest like a boss” (their Q4 2019 update), I liked the fact they produced a pie chart of assets they own – so I have done the same, you can see below how diversified my portfolio is.

What I invest in, is in no way perfect but gives me a way of having easy access to it, whilst a spread of medium to high risk.

Asset Allocation pie chart

The first thing that is obvious, other than I am rubbish at producing pie charts, is that 75% of my assets are liquid. Other than the pension pot that is locked up until I am 65 years old, I can access the rest of the pot. I like this position much better than a few years ago when we owned a house in the UK.

Whilst our London place was a great home, it did mean we had a fair amount of our capital locked up and so not easily accessible, should we want or need the money.

The cash I have on hand is ready to be invested and I am still looking at whether to invest a portion of this into UK property as a good opportunity has arisen that looks really solid, offering a really good annual yield.

With the shares I have purchased doing well and recent upswing in cryptocurrency prices I saw my net worth was up around 2% from last month.

SaxoSelect Trading Account

I still own Singaporean banking shares (DBS, UOB) along with the REITS (Ascott) through my Saxoselect account.

I made some share purchases this month and decided to invest in a few more companies.

  • BT Group Plc – Oh, how I remember BT from my time of living in the UK. To be honest, mostly not fond memories though, hanging on the phone waiting for their customer support. This has been their main criticism with poor customer support for many years, but this is on the turnaround. That along with the proposed aim to get fibre installed country-wide with BT being a central player in this, could mean that that it’s time for BT to see a significant upside in share price.

    The main reason I invested though is for the very nice dividend at 6.9% this year (6.8% last year). BT website
  • Parkway Life REIT – Another Singaporean listed REIT, Parkway Life REIT are mostly in healthcare and own 50 properties with good growth this year, in the last few weeks a nice 4-5% increase too!

    For the same reason I purchased Northwest Health REIT below, Healthcare is a sector that is always in demand and the strength of the dividend means it should be a good income and longer-term investment. The dividend is a little lower than some of the REITs I own, but still generates a decent 4-5%. (truly shocking website guys).
  • Northwest Healthcare Properties REIT – This REIT is based in Canada and as the name suggests is focused on Healthcare. This is another dividend play as it’s a healthy (no pun intended) 6.7% dividend stock. I am keen on this stock as even in a downturn (is one coming?) healthcare still does well as you always need hospitals.
  • PayPal Holdings Inc – From a consumer point of view PayPal are very popular and is why many merchants use their platform. Although I am personally not a big fan of using them, as a company they are cash rich and are a stable company with a good future. Recently PayPal had approval to buy a controlling stake in Gopay, a Chinese payments company, the first time a foreign company has entered this services sector.
    Reuters news.
  • Gravity Co. Ltd – So, I did something I said I wouldn’t do when buying shares in this company. Basically, this was based on a brief discussion with a fellow expat on the potential of this company. Knowing next to nothing about Gravity I went ahead and purchased shares only to see the price plummet literally the next day. I am still 5% down on this stock and feeling a bit of idiot that I made the potentially foolhardy decision to buy these. (another contender for truly awful looking website)

Apart from the Gravity Co stocks, I am very pleased with the stocks I have purchased recently. Ascott and Parklife are showing great returns >15% since purchasing them. With the recent PayPal news I have seen a 10% increase in the share price.

Of course, I have not locked in ANY PROFIT unless I sell them, which I have not done as most of the shares I am holding for their dividend payments.


Up and down cryptocurrency investingThere have been some big movements in the prices this month with 15% dropped in price to around $7.5k and then a quick rebound to $9.5k within a few days.

I was very tempted to purchase more when they reached the low of $7.5k but decided not to in the end. Cryptocurrency is incredibly volatile, and I don’t attempt to understand why.

I do read some crypto related news, but this does little to explain the price movements.

My approach hasn’t changed, and I am not trading cryptocurrencies but holding until they reach my sell price.

Investing in cryptocurrency feels very much like the picture eh?

Art of FX – Steady Growth

October saw fairly stagnant growth from the Art of FX guys and so pretty much the same as last month.

Since starting my account with Art of FX I have seen 25% gain in 18 months.

Gold – Steady

Buy physical Gold and Silver with Bullion StarSo, not really much to report here, as the price of gold per ounce has been fairly flat with prices moving plus or minus 1% throughout October.

I continue to hold physical gold, most of which I store in Bullion Star in Singapore.

With the uncertainty of the market going forward I was going to invest further into Gold but decided to go for more stocks with good dividend yields instead.

Goal Progress for October 2019

I had to really think what progress I had made this month, not a good sign.

The fact is I have been thinking how to systemise my business and growth for 2020. So, personal goals have taken much of a back sit. And actually I have not even completed the “fat belly challenge” final post and “stopping shopping for 30-days” update posts!

Life in Malaysia as an expat is very agreeable and it really takes that extra push to make life a little uncomfortable.

The main thing that got me thinking this month was the potential benefits of not eating meat. A completely new thing for me, as I really enjoy eating fish (meat I can take or leave it), but if the health benefits are to be believed (and this really does need checking!) then it would be worth exploring this more.

A Netflix documentary recommended by a friend triggered my interest in the benefits of eating little or no meat – the programme is called Game Changers (check out the website here).

Health Update

My Oura RingA big part of starting this blog was to look at solutions for improving my health and hopefully one-day getting back to training again, although the focus is very much on health and wellness at this point.

I observed a worrying trend in my average nightly sleep was regularly between 5-6 hours per night.

Although I have been monitoring this for the last few months and seeing improvements with average monthly trend approaching 7 hours per night, last month was really poor. I had many sleepless nights, along with several late nights binge Netflix watching.

The result was my average nightly sleep showing 6 1/2 hours and my readiness score shown from data gathered from my oura ring was in the 70’s.

My activity levels also reduced in October, partly from feedback from the Oura ring showing that I wasn’t as rested as I should be. But, I cannot completely say this was the reason – the fact is I am getting lazy again!

So, this needs to be turned around.

October 2019 Summary

I am keen to make some updates to the Life Hacker Guy blog to improve the look and to make it easier to navigate. A few of my friends have suggested that I start doing video, something I have been really reluctant to do, more so from a confidence perspective.

But hey, this blog is about trying some new things and improving myself, so maybe I should take the plunge and start making some videos – watch this space!

I have interviewed some really interesting people this month, a few went live already, such as my interview with Dino Gomez and interview with Stephanie Leung.

I have two more great interviews scheduled to go live this month!

This year has really flown by and really can’t believe we are just two months away from 2020. I have some bigger plans for next year and so need to get prepared now for the new year.

I am looking forward going to Thailand this month for the annual Chiang Mai SEO conference, looking forward to this as will be meeting friends there and networking with new people.

So, until next time, have an awesome month and see you soon.

* We do not in any way claim that you can earn any money from investing, speculating or trading in any of the investments outlined above. All the information on this site is for educational purposes only. Trading & investing in some of the investments above carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. We would recommend always speaking to a professional for guidance if in doubt.
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