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Athletic Greens vs Organifi Green Juice – Which Superfood is Best?

Spend a few minutes searching for green powder supplements and you’ll soon discover Athletic Greens and Organifi.

These two brands have a loyal fan base and considered the heavyweights when it comes to green superfoods. I have bought and tried both brands and unlike most online reviews can comment on their taste and effectiveness.

The fact is though, greens supplements are not all created equally. Both brands have pros and cons, so if you’re looking to invest in your health, which brand should you buy?

So, let’s compare Athletic Greens Vs Organifi to see which one can give you the easiest and tastiest dose of green goodness in a glass.

Athletic Greens vs Organifi

What is Athletic Greens?

Athletic Greens superfood is without doubt the most popular brand and in many ways the gold standard by which the others are measured.

The brand started geared at athletes looking to fuel their greens, vitamins, and minerals in one easy to take a drink. Over the last few years, they have re-branded to widen their appeal to embrace anyone looking for better health.

Athletic Greens has some well-known fans with Joe Rogan and Tim Ferriss both being advocates of the brand.


  • Contains 75 ingredients, including probiotics
  • Vegan friendly
  • Tastes great in water or smoothies
  • Popular with athletes


  • Proprietary blend, no full disclosure of ingredient amounts
  • Not the most affordable
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What is Organifi Green Juice?

Organifi first started out as a juicing YouTube by popular health advocate Drew Canole. I was fortunate to see him present at a conference where he detailed his impressive growth in the last few years.

Although not as prominent as Athletic Greens the team behind Organifi has used Drew’s popularity to push their Green Juice brand into the limelight.

They offer a number of other brands in the Organifi store; Red juice, Gold Tea, Protein, and the Organifi Green Juice Go packs. A number of bundles of each supplement are available too depending on your goal.


  • Packed with 12 superfoods
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Okay taste


  • Proprietary blend, no full disclosure of ingredient amounts
  • Not the most affordable
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Athletic Greens Vs. Organifi Benefits

Athletic Greens

This brand is marketed as a comprehensive all-in-one supplement that covers all your nutritional basis, as seen in the sheer number of ingredients in their superfood formula.

The vitamin and mineral content is much higher and they include digestive enzymes along with both prebiotics and probiotics.

Athletic Greens has more adaptogens than Organifi in the form of Rhodiola, ginseng, ashwagandha, astragalus, reishi mushroom, shiitake mushroom. However, we don’t know the dosing of these and so we can’t be 100% sure how effective they will truly be.

The formula is certainly going to be a great source of vitamins, minerals, and possibly be good for adaptogens too.

Organifi Green Juice

Although not marketed as an all-rounder there are benefits to taking Organifi, which include daily detoxing, producing natural energy and managing stress.

The vitamin and mineral content is lacking from the label but they will be present in some of the Alkaline greens blends. It’s a shame the content of these isn’t displayed.

Even though there is a lot less nutrition shown on the label each scoop has just 30 calories, 2 grams of protein, 4 grams of carbs, and 4 grams of fiber.

It’s worth mentioning that the inclusion of one adaptogenic herb (ashwagandha) is an excellent ingredient with proven health and performance benefits.

The main draws of Organifi are going to be ashwagandha and the antioxidants in their formula.

Athletic Greens Vs Organifi Ingredients

Athletic Greens

There is a good reason why Athletic Greens claim it’s the most complete supplement for a better you, it contains the most ingredients seen in any greens formula – 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole-food sourced ingredients in each 12-gram serving!

The formula looks to cover all your nutritional bases from a comprehensive list of vitamins and minerals, a wide range of adaptogenic herbs, both prebiotics, and probiotics, digestive enzymes, etc.

Having this number of ingredients in a formula will mean sacrifices though and so there could be under-dosing of some, or possibly many, of the ingredients in the blends.

Most of the ingredient amounts in the formula are not disclosed as they are contained within proprietary blends. This makes it impossible to know if sufficient dosages are present.

The Athletic greens formula is vegan, paleo, and keto-friendly, making it suitable for pretty much everyone.

Athletic Greens supplement label

Organifi Green Juice

This is the big difference between Organifi and Athletic Greens in the number of ingredients. Organifi focuses not on quantity but on quality and uses just a select few ingredients, 11 in total.

The serving size is 25% smaller at 9 grams compared to Athletic Greens 12 grams. The bulk of the Organifi formula is the “Alkaline Greens Proprietary Blend” that contains 6 organic ingredients (5.1 grams). There is also a superfood proprietary blend (1.45 grams) of 4 ingredients including the adaptogenic herb Ashwagandha root (KSM-66).

With just 11 ingredients Organifi means that you could be getting more of what works, even still we don’t know for sure as the precise dosage is hidden behind a proprietary mixture.

There are enough organic ingredients in Organifi to be classified by the USDA as an organic supplement.

Organifi Green Juice ingredients label

Athletic Greens Vs Organifi Taste

Athletic Greens

I recently did a greens taste test and ranked the best brands in terms of taste, guess what? Yep, Athletic Greens came out on top and for good reason.

Hands down the best-tasting greens powder I have tried, and boy have I tried a lot of green superfoods!

The fact that Athletic Greens tastes great is certainly contributing to its success.

To get around the issue of greens tasting like the grass they use Stevia Leaf extract, which is a natural sweetener that has zero calories. This is an acquired taste and some consumers struggle with this sweetener, for me, I enjoyed the taste.

Organifi Green Juice

In comparison, Organifi avoids using stevia leaf extract and opt for mint and a slightly more earthy taste. Whilst it’s not that bad tasting and still one of the better tasting greens, it doesn’t match Athletic Greens in my opinion.

In fact, I personally prefer my SuperGreen TONIK to Organifi Green Juice as it resembles Athletic Greens more.

Taste is very much personal though and at the end of the day, both these greens are tasty enough to drink without much trouble.

Adam drinking SuperGreen TONIK

Athletic Greens Vs Organifi Cost

Athletic Greens

It can’t escape your attention to the high price tag for Athletic Greens. At nearly $100 for one-months’ supply (30-servings) this greens blend is one of the most expensive on the market.

You can save money by opting for the subscription option at $77 per month.

Whether you buy the one-off pouch or monthly subscription you also have to cover the cost of shipping. This means you’re paying at least $3 per serving (per day) to take Athletic Greens.

Organifi Green Juice

The cheaper of the two, Organifi costs between $60 and $80 per tub of 30 servings.

You can buy bundles of three and six tubs of Organifi that reduce the monthly cost too, which makes this the more cost-effective greens option.

Be mindful that the serving size is smaller than Athletic Greens but could contain higher amounts of some ingredients.

Athletic Greens Vs Organifi: Which is Better?

Ultimately comparing Athletic Greens with Organifi comes down to which one works best. Both green superfood powder brands take different approaches when it comes to their ingredient profile.

Athletic greens cram a lot of ingredients into each serving compared to Organifi that uses a select few ingredients in a slightly smaller serving size.

Unfortunately, both brands hide most of their ingredient amounts in proprietary blends, which means we can never know for sure just how potent their formula really is.

This is why I prefer brands with transparent labeling so you can know what you’re taking.

Personally I would choose a brand that has fewer ingredients with transparent labeling. But, if I had to pick just one brand, I would choose Athletic Greens. Even though it has a higher price point, I prefer the taste and appreciate the bigger serving size.

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    1. Thanks Aaron.
      I mostly drink my greens with protein mid-morning so that I get my greens and 20gram serving of protein in one drink. If I have missed the morning SGT + protein mix I would drink just with water in the afternoon.

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